Melanie has spent her entire career working in the healthcare sector and knows first-hand the challenges our families face in receiving affordable and appropriate care. Melanie will fight for market-based solutions to help lower the costs of prescription drugs, make therapy services accessible to more families, and ensure our underserved citizens and seniors have access to the healthcare they need.


Melanie supports increased funding for pre-K and K-12 education while also ensuring that parents have more choice and decisions in their children’s education. Melanie believes in curriculum transparency and allowing parents access to the materials and information being provided to their children. She supports common-sense solutions for supporting our children’s needs including supporting efforts to bring more School Resource Officers to campuses across the state. Melanie also believes we need to ensure districts and their students have access to school counselors and social workers to help those students in need.

Taxes & Revenue

Melanie Stinnett knows that our state doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. She will work tirelessly to protect your family from unnecessary taxes that will limit economic development and growth in our communities. Right now, inflation is at an all time high and our families are feeling it in line at the grocery store and at the gas pumps. Melanie will support tax decreases on the goods and services our families need most.

Support Law Enforcement

Melanie Stinnett believes we must ensure our police officers and first responders have the training, tools, and resources necessary to keep our families, communities, and themselves safe. Melanie will support increased funding for law enforcement by supporting state grants that provide officers with life-saving equipment and technology and frees up resources for additional officers.

Justice for Sexual Assault Victims

Melanie Stinnett believes Missouri must take action, like we have done locally here in Greene County, to support survivors of sexual assault by reducing the state’s backlog of untested rape kits and putting a plan in place to totally eliminate the backlog. Melanie will support funding to bring the Greene County model for addressing this issue statewide so we can finally put violent criminals behind bars and get justice for victims.